Tuesday, June 5, 2012

White Hollyhock In Evening Light

White Hollyhock

This is where I fully appreciate having the ability to "tweak" photos just a bit. This image would have been in my opinion a complete loss. The lighting was underexposed and the flower was schmuggy-just filthy, but with just a small amount of "tweak" it was saved from demise. It's was taken on one of my very first photo expeditions and I always just wished I could wave a magic wand to salvage it.

Oh! and very exciting for a newbie photographer my Pink Cactus with Bee photo is the Daily Nature Photo over at The Nature Conservancy site.I guess to some it's a small and trivial accomplishment,but I am thrilled and to have been selected from a pool of such accomplished work many with much more experience than I have-just goes to show that you can be at any level to get your nature photo selected too-give it a shot. If you haven't popped over to check out the site you should, it's a great site for a great cause and the photographs are so enjoyable.

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