Thursday, June 14, 2012

A New One To Me

Sand Lily

Stickleaf, Starflower, Sand Lily-what do you call them?

Sand Lily, Poor man's Patches,Starflower or Stickleaf common names for the Menzelia nuda (nuda because it's bractless you know.)

The Sand Lily inhabits South Texas to the Panhandle thriving in sandy soils. It is an interesting plant of wonderful contrast a tall,stiff,spindly,jaggedy perennial plant with beautiful somewhat delicate large white flowers that open in the late afternoon in the Summer and Fall. As with all stickleafs, the leafs are like velcro and will stick tenaciously to passers by making this a very unpopular wildflower in the eyes of sheep ranchers despite it's glorious bloom.

The iridescent green "bonus bee" is commonly known as a "sweat bee"-thus named due to it's attraction to the sodium in human sweat.Also, if you look carefully there is a wee little spider.

The above images were not as sharp as I would've liked, I was fighting quite a breeze in order to get them. Now that I know they are there, I will make another trip on a less windy day.

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