Thursday, June 21, 2012

Cacti Love

 Look at the teeth on this Aloe

 Beautiful symmetry and order in form and needles

Notice the beautiful whirling form resembling the eye of a hurricane+ the symmetry of needle placement and color.

 Huge Barrel Cactus with it's needles placed perfectly along splendidly formed ribs.

 Even this seemingly unorganized cactus has a repeated form of lobes coming to a point.

 The lovely Burros Tail-kissed by the morning sun.(I couldn't resist) It's form is a work of art. The lobes repeat over and over-giving organization to it's form.

 This one appears to be lit from within and again the lobes repeat giving a certain symmetry.

 Ummm, this one is interesting,however it's needles are very symmetrical.

 Even cacti have bad hair days, but underneath that bad hair are symmetrical ribs and needles all in a row.

Hitchhiker- This baby is fully equipped to grab hold of passers by for a free ride to the next location. Notice the adult has far less needles and the gradation and symmetry of needles is breathtaking.

 Not all cacti are so inhospitable-the beautiful bloom of a Kalanchoe. Looking at each stem the buds are growing in a perfectly ordered row, blooms open to four perfect petals.

 This cacti has a little "soul patch" and is very orderly and handsome-don't  you think?

This cacti grows in a crazy convoluted form,but look closer there is symmetry in each individual pad and the needles too.

At first glance, a large group of cacti often appear as a chaotic menagerie, but I was struck upon looking closer at the true order and symmetry. In reality there is much order in the cacti world. Form is often very symmetrical and delineated by ribs-needles are given symmetry by placement, color and number. Lobed cacti often repeat their form over and over providing repetition and thus order.

Cacti are truly striking in a grouping with no two just alike, yet somehow at closer inspection all very, very much alike- another wonderful  example of extraordinary amongst the seemingly ordinary.

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