Saturday, June 2, 2012


 Gaspeite Necklace

 Glass Beads

Mescal Beans from the Texas Mountain Laurel

 Gaspeite Necklace Clasp

 Abstract Rose-twisted wire rings by The Brave Little Owl Boutique

Twisted Wire Ring- $10 ($12 s&h)by The Brave Little Owl Boutique

So, I've offered to help a friend with some jewelry product shots-something a little different for me. Mostly because, I like to take on new challenges to see where they will take me. I decided to gather up a few trinkets that belong to my daughter and I to practice with.

My thinking is that with product photography the emphasis should be on clarity, correct color and composition of course. Much of the  product photography information says that the subject should be on a white background to make it "pop" under filtered artificial light. Ummmm, I don't follow those rules at all- I much prefer natural light and as a rule always use it. I find white background boring and never use it (whitebalance is evil besides).

The above practice photos were not about composition, instead the emphasis was placed on clarity of the subject and correct color. I found jewelry to be obviously different than flowers, and so much fun to work with.

If you are loving the twisted wire rings and live in the Lubbock area(or if you live outside contact Jenni to order and work out s&h details) you can have one or several of your own by contacting Jennidawn- at The Brave Little Owl Boutique or by heading out to the Lubbock Downtown Art Market the second Saturday of every month.

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