Friday, June 8, 2012

Mornin' Glory

"Mornin' glory"did your grandmother ever say that to you as you were bleary eyed just out of bed in the morning? I never hear that phrase that I don't think of her.

This morning glory was wide awake, tucked away in the late afternoon shade-isn't it glorious? I would suppose that's where they get their name; from being so beautiful first thing in the morning(wish I could say I looked as fabulous first thing in the morning.) lol! Look how this one is almost a denim blue-so pretty in contrast with the closed red violet one's next to it. Many people think of Morning Glories as a mere weed, but I think they look beautiful in their array of dazzling colors trailing up a would be ordinary fence, or mail box or utility pole-what do you think?

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