Monday, June 18, 2012

The Missing Piece

Sometimes things just fall into place. If you've been following my blog,you're probably already familiar with my scouting woes related to this basket flower. It all began, when I happened upon this very curious bud I had never seen before and grew quite curious about. Originally, I thought it was something from my beloved Thistle family and somehow still am inclined to think it more Thistle than Aster. Anyway, to sum it all up I followed the original plant for days waiting for it to make it's debut-each day drew closer until at long last it began to unfurl-excitedly I arrived on the day I thought it might make it's long awaited appearance to find they were cleaning up the beds and much to my dismay it had been culled to make room for something more refined. Ugh! I couldn't believe it-we were sooo close to seeing the end result.

Upon reading up and finding out it wasn't a Thistle at all, but actually a "Basket Flower" a member of the Aster family with cream and purple filament type petals and resolving to the fact that I may not happen across one-I moved on from thinking I would complete my "Basket Flower" series, but then yesterday-quite randomly while happily taking photos of sunny sunflowers-there they were- the missing piece of the puzzle. Not just one or two, but a whole small field of them. Yahoo! I recognized them right away and was elated to find them in all stages of bloom. So it's very happily that I give you the long awaited "Basket Flower" series.

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