Sunday, June 10, 2012

Things I've Learned

 A Zen like image to go along with my Zen like observations

Interesting things I have learned along my photography journey...

Not to stand in or near red ant beds-ants do not need provocation to bite.

How huge a Crinum Lily seed is

What a "sweat bee" is and how they are iridescent green

Texas Thisles open wide during the heat of the day and close at night-if you want a photo of the open flower you have to get out during the bright time of the day(not the most flattering photo taking time of the day)

Cacti  bloom this way as well-they are not early morning individuals, but are at their best in late afternoon

Lubber Grasshopper nymphs are green and beautiful

Grapes grow wild near bodies of water

How abundantly flowers make pollen and how interesting the symbiotic relationship is between bee and flower

Always watch where you step when out taking photos-there are snakes, tarantulas, bees etc. around doing there thing too.(Oh,and coyote poo.)

Cool slightly misty mornings are great days for taking photos-you miss the heat the clouds work as a natural filter

Bumblebees are my favorite bee-they have the most docile nature of all the bees

Lubbock has a population of about 40% Africanized bees-if you get stung don't swat they will call the rest on you.Yikes!

Poppy babies look alien like

 I've seen my very first "assassin bug." I have never even heard of one-they are wild looking.

The life cycle from bud to pod/seedhead is fascinating.

Bees, ladybugs, butterflies are abundant in nature-they are all around us everyday doing what they are programmed to do-we just don't stop long enough to see this in our everyday lives.

Cacti have some of the most glorious blooms out there-in the best of colors.

My love affair with the largest Thistle of all  the "Artichoke" continues-they are beautiful.

What a miraculous and unobtrusive marker of time the Sunrise and Sunset is-what a glorious design.

Calla Lillies have spotted arrow shaped leaves

Hollyhocks are amazing-esp. the almost black ones.

Brown Eyed Susan's are perhaps the most photogenic of all the wildflowers-they love the camera.

Sand Lily's are white and beautiful-I've never seen or heard of one before

Some wild turkey's will allow you within photo taking range-others head for the hills.

Optimally, you need a different lens than I have to take photos of wild turkey, raccoon, dragonflies, and sun rise and sunset. 

Birds and animals are more challenging to photograph than flowers, but so rewarding when you get it right.

Often you will notice much more detail on your images once you see them from the card than you noticed during the taking of the photo. Details like small spiders or ants etc. appear once you are able to see the full sized image on your screen.

Photography is fascinating each and every time and when you get that one great shot it's like Christmas!


  1. Black hollyhocks?? Do you happen to have pictures or did I just miss it?

  2. @ Jennidawn-they are not truly black but almost. Some are darker than others, but I do think they consider them black.

    See this link.

    I'll post one on my fb for you.


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