Saturday, May 12, 2012

A Perfect Light

 Canna Leaf with Red edge

I hit the photo trail early this evening, in order to stalk a Magnolia I am keeping my eye on in hopes it will open soon. I was probably out by 6:30 until almost 8:00 P.M. and the light was glorious with very little breeze-perfect in my book. The Magnolia still had not opened(it won't be long), but I was not disappointed as it seems like I discover something new in the ever changing scenery of nature. I find pods I've never noticed, unfurled leaves that weren't there the day before, insects, cactus blooms and the list goes on and on-I'm so amazed each and every day at the things I took for granted before reconnecting with nature.


  1. I love your new photography blog, Michele. well done!

  2. Hey,the Comment feature does work!Thanks Tara for stopping by. Enjoy!


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