Monday, May 14, 2012

Around Town

Beautiful downtown loft-the landscaping is fabulous I assure you

Stained glass window looks into the courtyard

Window ornament
One beautiful and serious padlock

Planter in outer garden

I have loved this sign forever and was thrilled to finally photograph it-it has neon,but I've never seen it lit up.

Another very cool downtown loft

 Light sconce and windows

Coca-Cola in "Sterilized Bottles"

Today, I intentionally chose to do something very different to challenge myself. I ventured off downtown, I've been wanting to check out the first loft in this series for a bit,and it was even more fabulous than I could take in just driving by-the landscaping is fabulous. I found downtown to be just like nature-there are goodies to be found if you just take a look.

The evening was overcast, as that is the hand we've been dealt lately, but no complaints since we've been experiencing drought conditions-sometimes you just have to go with it. I found that for me buildings and their elements pose a bit of a composition conundrum, I am just never sure of myself-so they present a challenging exercise for me. I am not sure I am entirely happy with these. I know with some practice I can improve in this area-these will be a good benchmark for measuring improvement. 


  1. I am a sucker for architectural elements and ANYTHING with fun graphics!!! Great shots!!!!

  2. I have seen some of your architectural images and Wow!-maybe someday I'll get the hang of architectural elements-they seem a bit tricky to me(of course I am "one newbie with one borrowed camera")without any training. I wouldn't even begin to touch the portrait type work that you do.If you're looking for Sr.portraits, wedding portraits etc. please check out for some fabulous work.


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