Thursday, May 31, 2012

A Grand Southern Lady

The bud of the Magnolia Grandiflora can't be missed.

 The beautiful lemony scented flower is magnificent.

The striking rose colored fruit

Magnolia Grandiflora, does she really need an introduction? Specifically the term Grandiflora is interpreted in Latin as Grandis-big and flor-flower. Most commonly known as the "Southern Magnolia" her large evergreen trees grace the lawns of homes all over the Eastern and Western parts of Texas.This striking tree with large dark green leaves and large white fragrant flowers is hard to miss. Flowering is followed by the rose colored fruit- also stunning in it's color and form.

One of my very first memories of this majestic bloom was as a girl when my mother had my dad pull over in the car and unabashedly pluck one from a nearby unsuspecting strangers tree- the scent was glorious(lightly lemony and fresh-mmmmmm.)

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