Saturday, May 12, 2012

Hanging By A Thread

 Heart shaped-Purple Leaf Plum leaf

May 3, 2012-Isn't nature clever? Someone asked me last night; "where I  find bumblebees and cactus flowers and ladybugs on Forsythia?" My answer was-everywhere, all around- the truth is we are surrounded by these wonders every day-we just don't stop long enough to take a look.

Yesterday, while out taking photos the sun was just beautiful once it made it's appearance. I stumbled across this tree with beautiful leaves that seemed "left over" from Fall, so I  got on the side so they were back lit and snapped a few shots-I never realized until I got home that I had this beautiful and perfect heart. I tweaked the exposure just a bit so that the veining would show-it was a bit translucent originally + softened up the white space a bit-but other than that this is the original image.

I love how it has a slightly tattered imperfect feel, yet it's whole and intact, serene and calm yet seemingly hanging by a thread.

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