Monday, May 21, 2012

The House That Bruno Built

Robert Bruno's Famous Three Tiered Steel House at Lake Ransom Canyon

Lake Ransom view from Steel House

Sunset from the East side of Lake Ransom Canyon-The Steel House side

So, the story goes that Robert Bruno was a sculptor that spent 34 years completing his vision of a 3 tiered sculpture in which to reside. Bruno had no blueprints only a vision in his head, so with his love of oxidized steel he embarked on a labor of love.It's said that Bruno would work for months on the house only to find he wasn't satisfied with the outcome thus warranting a re-do of months of work. 

Often Bruno shared his vision allowing passer's by to tour the interior during it's construction. Upon it's final completion in 2008 Bruno lived in the house for 8 months before he passed away leaving behind a legacy that has become famous around the world.

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