Friday, May 18, 2012

A Special Bond With Texas Thistle

Texas Thistle

I originally had a different post lined out for today, but then while out on a photo scouting trip I came across some Texas Thistle and I could not contain my excitement. Now, in actuality this plant is much maligned by farmers and ranchers due to it's capacity to invade coupled with it's strong will to survive. I on the other hand, feel a special kinship-a Thistle is adaptability personified, it has learned how to survive in conditions that are not optimal for most plants, it's harsh and thorny nature may keep people from looking at it's truly beautiful and useful nature. Many people don't realize how truly beautiful they are-just look at it's amazing tubular petals of pinkish purple with some petals outstretched and tipped in a deeper purple.Gorgeous!

Texas Thistle has several utilitarian uses in nature-they are a host plant for the Painted Butterfly larvea and provide a source of nectar for the adult butterfly.Gold Finches line their humble abodes with the bristles and find nourishing sustenance in the seeds-so you see the term "weed" is only relevant to the beauty you choose to see or "not" to see.

Did you know an Artichoke is a Thistle? If you've never seen an Artichoke in bloom-you are missing out-it's like one huge Texas Thistle flower in bloom-glorious to see. 

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