Sunday, May 27, 2012

Before And After



I recently acquired a copy of Photoshop and actually I have very mixed feelings about editing images. I feel that an image should stand on it's own-not to say that I don't crop, sharpen and do very subtle and minute enhancing on occasion,but mostly I try for an image that is nice sooc as I believe it should be. I am not sure how I feel about extreme editing of an image to make in into something it didn't even start out as. I guess you'd say I am a bit of a purist and on the fence about much editing. My intent with Photoshop is mainly to resize, sharpen, enhance resolution or edit out dark areas etc. and the truth of the matter is that Photoshop's capabilities are far beyond my expertise,sooo with that said please know that for the most part my images are not edited to the extreme ever. 

I did play a bit today, with Will and Soapsuds-the original image was a bit dark as it was late in the day so I lightened it a bit and added a couple of lens flares where there were already indications of the beginnings of some. I'm actually very curious which image you prefer? The Before or the After-After is also cropped slightly different giving a bit of a different perspective.


  1. I understand your "purist" views. I've felt that way too, but I've learned to love editing. It is certainly an art form of it's own. Really creative editing can turn a boring photo into a work of art. My husband's extremely edited photos outsell the natural ones 20 to 1. He keeps both, and I actually prefer the natural images. However, the edited ones are really eye-catching and artistic!

  2. I have seen some gorgeous work out there. Editing when done well, is truly a work of art-but I just feel so torn about it. Maybe someday I will be able to reconcile with so much editing. I can see where the images that are done well would be big sellers though.


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